Partnering for social impact

Successful businesses in the resources sector rely on more than competitive advantage to thrive in the 21st century.

It is the firm dedication to positive social change that enables them to lead in the marketplace.

Key players in the sector are advancing their chosen social purpose through corporate philanthropy, effectively enhancing their operating environment whilst creating a virtuous circle of social improvements and economic benefits.

Delivering across many disciplines, 莫纳什带来了一个整体, multifaceted and novel approach to help our corporate partners in the resources field to achieve their ambitions. Together we find short and long-term solutions to enable lasting positive change – for a more sustainable, 道德, 安全, diverse and innovative future.

All philanthropic projects through AG8真人平台 enjoy the same rigorous measurement and management as any other grant-funded program. We commit all philanthropic funding directly to the project and co-invest the administrative costs ourselves. By getting the detail of our partnership right, we ensure the most beneficial intersection of investment, impact and improved 条件 to unlock your philanthropy’s maximum potential.

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For more information, view our Corporate Philanthropy brochure (PDF, 1.51 MB)


If you are interested in establishing a transformational partnership, please contact us:

Senior Development Manager, Engineering & IT
External Relations, Development and 校友
Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor
T: +61 426 110 533
E: 美琳娜.talanis@莫纳什.edu